Postcard from the Outback – South Australia

We spent a little time in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and now we are in the Outback. Beside visiting friends, the Outback and its unique sights is why we are here. We’ve been in similar places. You know, the road less traveled, the end of the road, and wilderness highways that are “out there”. But we’ve never seen anything like this.

A lot of people have gotten lost and perished out here before there were GPS devices, mobile phones, maps, and a paved road. Now it’s a simple matter of following the road north from Adelaide to Darwin, a mere 1,900 miles (3,000 Km). And while there is a lot of empty nothing out here, there always seems to be something interesting around the next bend in this very straight road.

So, here are a few photos from those interesting sights and places like Woomera, Hart Lake, Coober Pedy, and our first stop in the Northern Territories – Kulgara.

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We like to travel and even spent nine years roaming around North America in a 40 foot motorhome. We're now back in a home in Washington state roaming by car, air, and boat.
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9 Responses to Postcard from the Outback – South Australia

  1. Laurel says:

    What a wild adventure! Those Galahs are incredible. (I didn’t even know such a bird existed!) Thanks for showing us things that we would probably never otherwise see. And that underground Serbian Orthodox church—do you know the story behind that? I’m curious because I lived in Serbia for a year back when it was still part of Yugoslavia.

  2. Cindy says:

    Great pix! Red sand, salt lakes…. Galahs are beautiful. Such wonderful coloring… It’s all so stunning… Thank-you for sharing your travels…

  3. bigbendbrown says:

    Hi Karen and Riley, looks like fun! I been to Australia but not to the Great Beyond! I do have a friend from Alpine who is in Perth until the end of March so if you go there I will put you in touch. Safe and happy trails to you, jane

  4. BoCat says:

    Wow, you guys have seen a ton already! I’m loving your landscape shots. ❤

    • rkcaton says:

      Thanks! It’s an unusual place. So much like the SW-US with weird wildlife and incredible heat! The “Red Center” is really really RED. Moving north from Alice Springs tomorrow. Love to you and J.

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