Changing Direction…

The nice thing about being semi-retired is that we can change our direction when ever we want. Over the past year, we have been making changes to where we are and what we do, or so it seems. Sometimes the changes are subtle, such as shifting from corporate photography to stock imagery and  joining some distribution portals (agencies). Sometimes it’s abrupt, such as adding a paid consulting element to the volunteer work we are doing for the National Parks. It can also be conceptual, such as our ideas for creating a line of local (Oregon) greeting cards and breaking into the fine art market or creating a complete set of fire department procedures to be sold over the internet.

Change… at times it’s hard to embrace and other times it’s just what you do.

About rkcaton

We are full-time RVrs living in a 40 foot Monaco Diplomat motorhome and touring North America.
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1 Response to Changing Direction…

  1. Scott Crane says:

    Hey, Riley and Karen; are you doing any more workshops? I had a request from someone who wants to to a beginning digital photography workshop.

    I’ve given her your website…which I see has had some major changes since last time I visited…and now you are a WordPress site, too, as are we now.

    Hope all is well with you…good Grand Canyon shot!

    Scott Crane

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