View from the front of the bus…

The other passengers gave us envious and contemptuous stares as they boarded the plane. You know, the same stare you have given to the people in the cushy seats that were trying to ignore you as you walked to your wooden straight-backed seat in the rear. The seats in the front arrive at the same time as the seats in the back, why would you pay so much more?

We decided to use our air miles to fly to Oz, and when booking our economy class tickets we were constantly reminded that “this ticket is not upgradeable.” But who cares? Our seats were going to arrive at the same time as the first and business class seats. We were reminded again when we used the internet to print our boarding passes. The flight itinerary had a link that said “click here for an upgrade.” Alas, when clicking, a stern message popped up that said “this ticket is not upgradeable.” Excellent! I just saved us some money. So I clicked on the link that would print our boarding passes. Wait, what’s this! A new window offering an upgrade?

So, there we were on the receiving end of the stares, sitting in our cushy reclining seats with ear plugs, eye masks, and sock slippers – sleeping all the way to Oz. Happy dreams…

About rkcaton

We like to travel and even spent nine years roaming around North America in a 40 foot motorhome. We're now back in a home in Washington state roaming by car, air, and boat.
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2 Responses to View from the front of the bus…

  1. Heather (Cafe D) says:

    That’s so awesome that you were able to upgrade! I hope that you guys had a safe flight and I look forward to following your journey! We all miss you at Cafe D, it’s just not the same without you!

  2. CatonPhoto says:

    Thanks Heather! Yep, the upgrade was great. It really makes you feel priviledged… Take care and please say hi to everyone. We miss you guys too.Riley & Karen

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